A0-A1 in CLASS Haarlem-Noord    VOL
wednesdayevening  February 8  2023

You want to start with the Dutch language?
Then sign up quickly and you are sure of a place.
wednesdayevening February 8  (19.30-21.30)

15 lessons of two hours

 15 lessons (2 hours per lesson)  €  397,50 (excl. the book)

(these lessons continued with another 15 lessons  level A1-A2)

Nederlands in Gang (Coutinho)

 You can sign up by kimdessing@hetnet.nl  0628332293 

0 to A1  in class (Haarlem-Centre) september 2023

This is a course for beginners. Are you interested? Send us an e-mail. Then we will send you videos and exercises, so that you can prepare at home for these lessons. When these classes start in September you are welcome to join, provided you have already prepared a bit. This group consists of a maximum of 5 students.

wednesday morning,  start sept. 6,  9.30 – 11.30 AM.  12 lessons of two hours.

€ 360,00 (in a group of max. 5 students)incl. materials




Alle cursussen zijn onder voorbehoud van voldoende deelnemers. Bij meer dan 10 lessen kan in 2 termijnen betaald worden

niveau A1 niveau A2 niveau B1




U kunt ons bereiken via:


(06) 18438143 – (06) 28332293
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