A0-A1 in CLASS Haarlem-Noord

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15 lessons (2 hours per lesson)

(these lessons continued with another 15 lessons  level A1-A2)

Nederlands in Gang (Coutinho)

You can sign up by kimdessing@hetnet.nl  0628332293 

A0- A1  in class (Haarlem-Centre) May 10, 2022

Nederlands in gang, starting with chapter 8 (uitgeverij Coutinho) + extra , with a focus on grammar and speaking

Tuesdaymorning,  13 sept.2022, 9.15 – 11.15 AM.  12 lessons of two hours. For those who already has had some lessons.

€ 340,00 incl. extra materials and coffee/tea, excl.book

Haarlem-centrum (small group)


Alle cursussen zijn onder voorbehoud van voldoende deelnemers. Bij meer dan 10 lessen kan in 2 termijnen betaald worden

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